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Step into the healing matrix
Step out of the matrix of society

Self empowerment center for

truth • mind • heart • body and the energetic aspects of yourself

Is everything you thought you believed in now in question?

Do you search for freedom from anxiety, addictions or depression?
Do you seek peace from repeating thought processes?
Do you feel you must hide behind a mask?

Do you really want to be seen for who you truly are?
Has the collective matrix got you down?
Redefine it for yourself.

At The Healing Matrix Empowerment Center we offer various modalities for you to step out of the conventional matrix, explore yourself to find the power, love and peace inside all of us. All of us have been programmed with concepts and perceptions handed to us by our parents, religion, life expeiences, education, media, trauma or abuse that has formed our beliefs and values, even our very identity.

Discover a synergy of intuitive empathic counciling, nutritional support, biofield analytics, and much more.

Located in Memphis, TN